Almería, the jewel of the Mediterranean, is a region blessed with sun and the perfect climate for cultivating exceptional fruits and vegetables. At Dicotrad, we are excited to share the unique richness and flavor that come from our lands. Discover why Almería is famous for its fresh, high-quality products.

Our region, located on the southeast coast of Spain, is an agricultural paradise known for its diverse crops. From tomatoes to peppers, watermelons to eggplants, Almería is a treasure trove of fruits and vegetables that delight the senses.

The Sun of Almería: An Essential Ingredient and Environment:

The abundant sun and moderate temperatures of Almería are essential for growing quality fruits and vegetables. This optimal climate allows for slow and natural ripening, resulting in richer and more nutritious flavors.

Sustainable Agriculture in Almería:

At Dicotrad, we take pride in collaborating with local farmers committed to sustainable agriculture. Our fruits and vegetables are grown using environmentally friendly techniques, minimizing the impact on the land and ensuring freshness and quality with each harvest.

From the Land to Your Table:

When you choose our products, you are selecting fresh and healthy foods carefully picked from the fields of Almería. We want to bring the taste of our land directly to your table, so you can enjoy the excellence of local agriculture.

At Dicotrad, we believe that the fruits and vegetables of Almería are a true culinary treasure.