At Dicotrad, we have a simple yet exciting mission: to promote and highlight the excellence of Andalusian and national agricultural products while caring for the environment for future generations. Today, we are excited to take another step in promoting the culinary treasures of our land by introducing our new website.

On it, you will find an exclusive selection of fruits, vegetables, ham, olive oils, cheeses, and other products, all from one of the richest regions in Spain in terms of gastronomy. Each product we offer is carefully selected for its exceptional quality, and we are confident they will delight even the most discerning palates.

Dicotrad is not only concerned with food quality but also with bringing them to different parts of the world, utilizing commercial routes that allow us to bring Andalusian and national flavors to markets in Spain and Europe. We are deeply committed to spreading the culinary authenticity of our region globally.

At Dicotrad, we are committed to promoting the gastronomic treasures of Andalusia and Spain. Our new website is an exciting step in that journey, and we hope you’ll join us in this culinary adventure. Discover the excellence of our products, support sustainability, and enjoy the flavors of our land through Dicotrad.